The foundation is represented by its board; members of the board are nominated by the Finnish Academy of Technology (Teknillisten Tieteiden Akatemia), the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), the Finnish Innovation Found (Sitra), the Foundation for Finnish Inventions (Keksintösäätiö), the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), the Åbo Akademi Foundation and the Walter Ahlström foundation.

Markku Wilenius
Walter Ahlströmin foundation

Richard Fagerström

Technical Research Centre of Finland

Marja Pirttivaara
Finnish Innovation Found

Pekka Pokela
Finnish Academy of Technology

Carl-Eric Wilen
Åbo Akademin foundation

Mikko Vieltojärvi
Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

Juhani Talvela
Foundation for Finnish Inventions

Niklas Törnkvist
Runar Bäckström säätiö

Johanna Linna
Runar Bäckström säätiö


Take part in supporting gifted Finnish inventors by making a donation to the Runar Bäckström foundation. Contact us: info@runarbackstrominsaatio.fi